Company profile

APIAGRA s.r.o. (Apiagra Ltd.) was founded in 1993. It was exclusively focused on manufacturing and assembly of air conditioning ducts. In 2001, the company moved into it's administrative and manufacturing facilities. It owns 580 m2 of administrative (Office) areas, 1650 m2 manufacturing areras, 1600 m2 of storage areas. Currently, 82 qualified employees with long-time professional records and experiences in the field of manufacturing air conditioning components provide, assembly, servicing, advisory and realization. The programe of manufacturing is focused on producing ducts of both rectangular and circular in diameters and parts of air conditioning systems. In our company, great emphasize is place upon high quality of manufactured products and upon continuous widening of the product–spectrum. Each product leaving the manufacturing site is perfectly functional, having undergone several checks and ready for installation at the building site. By introducing optimization in technological and logistical processes, our customers are offered short time delivery as far as the site where the system is to be installed. 

Our company is realizing projects with immediate entry., i.e. the project is performed in a comprehensive way starting from developing project documentation to tuining in the entire air conditioning system. 

The basic task of the company, namely the APIAGRA, s.r.o. is to provide our customers high-quality products and services meeting the most demanding requirements and expectations.    

The vision declared is ensured by the company in via:

Active fulfilment of tasks by all employees.
Professional approach ad high level of expertise of the staff employed.
Innovative procedures and methods to improve efficiency of both managerial and manufacturing processes. 
Active commitment of the employees to solving tasks related to quality of products and services.
Guarantee of high quality of products and services.
Requirements from customers being met precidely and timely. 
Application of innovative and verified procedures from practice.